About me

Twitter: @cmasfl. Visit my Google Scholar profile. Download my Curriculum vitae (Englishespañol). You can also visit my CEDUA institutional website (in Spanish), my McGill institutional website where I was an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Sociology. 

I am Associate Professor at the Centre for Demographic, Urban, and Environmental Studies (CEDUA) and Coordinator of the Seminar Migration, Inequality and Public Policies (MIGDEP) of  El Colegio de México. I joined CEDUA in January 2016. In 2015, I was a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre Urbanisation, Culture et Société. I hold a PhD in Sociology (McGill University), an MSc in Statistics (University of Texas at Austin) and a BSc in Applied Mathematics (ITAM). I have graduate training in demography from the Centre on Population Dynamics (McGill University) and the Population Research Center (UT-Austin). Before graduate school, I worked at the Mexican Social Policy Evaluation Council (CONEVAL) and the Social Development Ministry (SEDESOL).

My scholarship bridges sociology and demography, engaging with theories in family, migration, and race and ethnic studies, and applying statistical methods to policy relevant problems. Specifically, I am interested in internal and international migration, immigrant integration and family dynamics, inequality, and how policy mediates these processes. I have studied return migration to Mexico and its implications for more than a decade. My work aims to contribute to the understanding of North America as a region of emigration, return migration, immigration, transit, and internal displacement.

I am the author of Atlas de migración de retorno de Estados Unidos a México (2021), available also in English (Atlas of Return Migration from the United States to Mexico)! I am the coeditor for Migration Between Mexico and the United States. IMISCOE Regional Reader (2022), La década en que cambió la migración (2021), the editor for Migración y desigualdades ante la pandemia de COVID-19 en México y Estados Unidos (2021), and the coeditor of the report The Intersection of Foreign Policy and Migration Policy in Mexico Today (2021).

My scholarship has been published at Demography, Population Research and Policy Review (2012)  (2019) and (2022), Population and Development Review, Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, Advances in Life Course Research, Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2022, Revista Latinoamericana de Población (2019a) and (2019), Coyuntura Demográfica, by the Migration Policy Institute, as policy briefs (Three Decades of Migration from the Northern Triangle of Central America: A Historical and Demographic Outlook or A migration system in the making. Demographic dynamics and migration policies in North America and the NTCA), and as book chapters in edited volumes (e.g. The Changing Patterns of Return Migration from the USA to Mexico and Their Policy Implications, on Contemporary Migration Patterns in North and Central America, or Entre Norte y Centroamérica: políticas migratorias y diferencias demográficas de las poblaciones migrantes), among others.

I am the founding coordinator of the Seminar Migration, Inequality and Public Policies which is part of the Network of Studies on Inequality at El Colegio de México. As part of the many activities of MIGDEP, we kicked-off recently Destino México. Migraciones y movilidades a podcast/multimedia project to discuss Mexico as a destination country, following-up on a series of video interviews with migration scholars. We also have a series of publications, and events focused on professional development (MIGDEP en la práctica). Visit the MIDGEP site! Almost all our activities have been recorded since 2016!

My recent work and research has received funding from the Russell Sage Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, Fondo Sectorial SEDESOL-CONACYT, UCMEXUS-CONACYT, Mission Foods Texas-Mexico Center, and SSHRC. 

I love teaching, mentoring students and postdocs, and coauthoring with them!